Welcome to the New Frozen North

Welcome to the new Dispatches from the Frozen North! I've migrated from iBlog to Drupal, an open-source content management system. iBlog was good for what it was, and a good choice back in 2003 when I first started writing this blog. Sadly, it has not been maintained in recent years and has become almost non-functional as the operating system has changed and iBlog has not kept up. That (and generalized life business) is a big reason why I haven't been writing much the past six months or so. iBlog was simply too painful. I'm hoping that Drupal will be useful for many years to come. It's far more powerful than iBlog ever was, and has a lot of features and extensions for all sorts of amazing new capabilities. For now, I'm still stretching my wings. Expect the layout and features of the site to change a lot over the next few months as I try things out. With luck I'll be able to avoid the temptation to overload the pages with gizmos and gadgets: one of my goals is to keep the site clean and usable. Comments, as always, are welcome. And now supported natively.


As you can see from your

As you can see from your header and elsewhere, Drupal doesn't quite work right out of the box. but hey it has a great API.

Drupal does have a somewhat

Drupal does have a somewhat okay API, so your weather data import, sounds like a challenge...a fun challenge. There may even be a module for it.

Which browser?

Which browser are you using?  It looks as expected on Safari and Firefox, but sucks on a ten-year-old copy of Explorer.
Unless the comment is directed towards my graphic design skills, which I readily admit are largely nonexistent.

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/2009022020 Gentoo Firefox/3.0.6

This is a comment

This is a comment, proving that the commenting system is working.