About the Frozen North

Dispatches from the Frozen North is primarily authored by Peter Leppik, aka Shivering Timbers. In real-life, I am an entrepreneur and co-founder of Vocal Laboratories Inc. My wife, Carla ("She Who Puts Up With Me"), contributes from time to time.

The Frozen North is a suburb of Minneapolis.

I've written a book, Gourmet Customer Service. You can buy it on Amazon. I also maintain a professional blog, The Customer Service Survey.

This blog is intended to be like a public journal. This is where I jot down half-baked ideas, thoughts, hobby-related stuff, and amateur research. Mostly, I don't claim any particular expertise in the subjects I write about (with some exceptions). I just find it interesting.

Common topics are my kids, flying (I've been a pilot for over twenty years), finance, business, energy, physics, and the weather.

Around 500 articles from before the migration to the current software are archived at the old version of this site.